Anna's Perennials

(705) 799-0062

63 Shoreview Road, Lindsay, ON

Cold hardy cactus, sempervivums, sedums, perennials and shrubs.

At Anna’s Perennials we grow as many different and interesting species we can find (native and from around the world) that are hardy for us at our location (zone 4-5) and for the most part easy to grow. Ninety percent of what we grow are perennials, with shrubs and trees making up the ten percent.

Our flowerbeds contain mature specimens of many of the plants we sell. We propagate from seeds and cuttings, and pot up throughout the season, so there is always something new available. As we do all of this ourselves, we sometimes have a short supply of some of the plants.

We are open from the second Saturday in May (weather permitting) until the end of September,  and our hours are listed on our answering machine (different hours during the season, so it’s best to check) or check our blog. Please call us at (705) 799-0062 , or contact us by e-mail

We welcome visitors to walk through our gardens several times a season, as there is always something new in bloom. Please be aware that children must be kept under constant supervision as we have many ponds, creeks, swamps, poisonous plants as well as many that are not “child friendly” such as cacti and other ‘barbed’ varieties.

We look forward to your visit.