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Stunning large containers and succulent gardens

I had the pleasure of visiting Greenhouse on the River to shoot two episodes of The Garden Gate. Peter Green, owner, was my guest for this episode and we talked about their beautiful containers and unique annuals. The Greenhouse on the River is a member of Peterborough and Area Garden Route. This is a cooperative of eight garden-related businesses in the area that each specialize in one or two areas of gardening.

The Greenhouse is well known for their beautiful container gardens. Whether it be hanging baskets, stunning large containers or small succulent gardens, The Greenhouse on the River is the place to go. Peter and Elyn as well as their staff are very knowledgeable in what plants will do well in your specific situation. And they are there to help you choose which you rarely find at box stores! I loaded my car this spring with beautiful plants and they have been doing tremendously. In July they hold their summer sale. So if you need to fill in a few holes, now is the time to visit. Tell them Brenda sent you! Enjoy!

Click here to watch this episode of Garden Gate.

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A talk with Ian at Horling’s

Horling’s Garden Centre is located just outside of Lakefield on Lakefield Highway (formerly Hwy #28). They have been in business in the same location for 40+ years! I remember going there as a kid when it was a butcher shop! At the time they also sold a few plants, but the business is totally transformed now. They offer quality plants as well as full landscaping services. They have a large selection of trees and shrubs including many native plants. The Hydrangeas were blooming when we were there in late July! I visited with Ian Nichols, the greenhouse manager. We talked about Garden Route and their involvement in this cooperative group of garden-related businesses in the Peterborough area. In addition, Ian highlighted a new stonework service they are offering. It was a hot day! I hope you’ll tune in to watch us sweat!
Watch this episode of Garden Gate as we visit with Ian.

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Peonies and Delphinium, oh my!

Blossom Hill Nursery is a stunning garden just outside of Peterborough in Fowler’s Corners that even many locals don’t know about!

Filled with one of the largest collections of peonies and delphinium in Ontario, gardeners and photographers alike fall in love with this place as soon as they arrive. Joe and Hazel Cook have been members of Peterborough and Area Garden Route since its inception and are experts in their field presenting at many horticultural societies as well as Delphinium and Peony societies across North America.

Watch this episode of The Garden Gate where we visit the nursery to see the gorgeous delphinium blooms.

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Abba Dabba Do, Alakazam and Blueberry Muffin

Abba Dabba Do, Alakazam, Blueberry Muffin, Dance With Me, Holy Mouse Ears... these words don’t sound like they have anything in common... but they do!

In June I visited with Dawn Golloher of Gardens Plus just outside of Peterborough. Dawn is a Hosta fanatic! She has hundreds of varieties of hostas and ships them all over North America!

Hostas are great plants for the shade. They are very tough and fairly easy to grow. Many of the newer varieties have thicker leaves so slugs are generally not a problem. There are giant hostas as well as miniature hostas.

Tune into our Garden Gate episode to learn more!

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